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How Does Your State Measure Up-in Speech-Language Pathologists?

Last month, the Leader focused on audiologists' state-by-state presence; now we shine a light on speech-language pathologists. In 2012, 136,577 ASHA-certified SLPs served a U.S. population of nearly 314 million-an overall ratio of 43.5 SLPs per 100,000 people. April 2014 -THE ASHA LEADER - Read full story

Arizona Speech-Language-Hearing Association

The Arizona Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ArSHA) April 2014 -THE ASHA LEADER - Read full story

Where Do Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists Work?

Most audiologists work in health care facilities, and more than half of speech-language pathologists work in schools, according to survey data from 2013. May 2014 -THE ASHA LEADER - Read full story

In Remembrance of: Dr. Jeri Logemann (1942-2014)

Dr. Logemann was a pioneer in the field of dysphagia and revolutionized the identification and treatment of swallowing disorders. She was the professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders at the Northwestern University School of Communication and Professor of Otolayngology-Head and Neck Surgery. Among her many achievements, Dr. Logemann also developed the modified barium swallow test, a less stressful and invasive approach than a typical radiographic study of swallow. It is now a standarded diagnostic tool commonly used in the medical field. Dr. Logemann served as the President of ASHA and was an ASHA Felllow. She will always be remembered for impact on the field of Speech Language Pathology and her many accomplishments.

ASHA's 'Identifying the Signs' Campaign Receives Recognition

ASHA received a 2014 Bronze Anvil Award of Commendation from the Public Relations Society of America for the design and execution of video public service announcements for the "Identify the Signs" public education campaign. In collaboration with Home Front Communication, the PSAs are a primary tactic in educating the public about the early warning signs of communication disorders. The spots have proven to be favored nationwide, ranking among the top 20% of PSAs in number of airings in 2013. The Bronze Anvil Awards recognize individual items and/or components that add to the popularity of an overall program or campaign. Fewer than 15% of the 2014 applicants received this prestigious commendation.



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